Navigating A New Rates Regime

Insights to help you position fixed income portfolios in 2021

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The stimulus actions employed by central banks since the start of the pandemic have dramatically altered the fixed income landscape.  Are rates stuck near zero for the foreseeable future, or will inflation and a growing debt mountain force a continued rise higher?

With benchmark yields at historic lows, we think investors need to look beyond passive fixed income to reach their goals, Active fixed income managers may be in a better position to generate excess returns and higher yields by taking a broader view of the investment universe.

Please join Portfolio Managers Greg Wilensky, CFA, and Seth Meyer, CFA, as they discuss:

  • Their current outlook for interest rates, inflation, credit and securitized markets
  • How they are positioning portfolios to take advantage of the reopening of the global economy
  • Why alpha rather than beta may better help investors reach their goals in today’s markets

Featured Speakers

Greg Wilensky, CFA

Greg Wilensky, CFA

Head of U.S. Fixed Income, Portfolio Manager

Seth Meyer

Seth Meyer, CFA

Portfolio Manager

Jessica Leoncini

Jessica Leoncini

Head of Fixed Income Product Specialists

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